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Biracial hair, Mixed race hairThis is what I wake up to every morning. Adorable right? But look at that hair! It’s literally a whole other being in this picture. I love my biracial baby daughters hair, people literally stop us and comment on how beautiful it is. Beautiful but WHEW it’s a lot to deal with sometimes. I spent the better part of an hour yesterday morning getting all the matted tangles out of it which with an active toddler is no fun.     So I thought let’s discuss biracial baby hair.

Now this is mainly for the folks out there with a half black child, especially for those mommies who aren’t of African American descent themselves. Us black folks have hair many people don’t understand :)   (side note if you get a chance check out Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” it’s fantastic, even my husband said he learned something about black hair) Anyhow, first thing you need to understand you can’t wash the babies hair everyday. Black hair needs oil in it and if you wash the hair everyday you strip it of essential oils.. Second thing, product. It’s okay to use oil, detangler etc. on your biracial babies hair, trust me they need it. Not only does it help to keep it healthy but it makes it alot easier to work with. There is a company out there that specializes in biracial hair products, check out for their products and let me know what you think.  Another thing, patience. You’re going to have to be patient in learning how to care for your biracial babies hair, there are so any many textures, lengths, fullnes etc to deal with and just like child rearing, hair care takes patience (seriously think about your own trials and tribulations with hair, I know mine is a hot mess sometimes).  Lastly is appreciaton. I adore my biracial babies hair with all it’s mass of curls, afro-ness ( I know not a real word), unruliness. We always comment on how crazy it is, but I have to remember to tell her how beautiful it is so she doesn’t grow up hating her hair and she appreciates how many people pay money to have hair like hers. So celebrate your biracial babies hair and learn how to manage it……. at least until they turn 12 and can do it themseleves :)


  1. Aisha says:

    Just had to say I am so glad you put this because I have met and had friends who are not African American Women who don’t know what to do with there half Black Childs Hair so very informative! Love the Website much success to you.

  2. Becca says:

    Hello!! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come to your website. But I since you were talking about biracial hair might I suggest you check out: She has GREAT info about hair!!
    Also, can’t wait until our next meetup!

  3. What kind of treatment do you want to learn more? Hair masks exactly?

  4. Donna says:

    Curls is a great multiracial product made in California. We’ve used it for years on our daughter’s hair with wonderful results. Just go to to check it out.

    Nice job on the website, by the way! You’re right: there aren’t enough biracial/multiracial products out there. Hard to believe this is 2010 and we’re still saying that, huh?! Good luck!

  5. Decent post, I actually love the fight to create cultural know-how, it seems like one stepahead and two steps back :-(

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts. Don’t have much to add, cheers!

  7. Mixed Race says:

    I found this site the other day, whilst I was searching for info on Mixed Race people. I know you haven’t covered the points I was primarily seeking, but I’ve found your points highly interesting and I’ll be visiting again soon.

  8. On a similar topic, I came across this webpage earlier about multiracial culture, it gives a nice perspective into what it’s like to be multiracial and living in the UK. It’s called Mixed Race UK, perhaps people might want to check it out.

    • Olgya says:

      I’m mixed as well, and lately I’ve just given up siratghtening, because I couldn’t afford the right tools that I needed, and because my hair is literally like high maintenanced’, and I can only use certain products. Loreal matrix, products made from olive oil, and white-girl oil sheen (lmao). I use to use Cherry oil when I had cornrows, and micros.

  9. Nice site! I adore several of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I will definately be visiting again!

  10. Jerrod Joss says:

    This is really great info. Good read

  11. Shannon says:

    I have a 4 month old baby boy. What do I do for his hair? He’s half caucasian, half african american.

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